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Meet The Team

Our Story

A Passion for Machinery, Farming & Service


Taits Rural was formed back in 2018 on Taits Rd in Ashburton, South Island of New Zealand.

Father & Son team Glen & Bruno Malcolm have always had a passion for machinery & farming both having spend a lifetime involved with it.

The business has continued to grow from their small beginnings , where Bruno started dismantling old hay mowers after school in the back shed.

Fast forward to today, the business runs with a small but dedicated team , (now based in Southland) with 1000s of used mower parts in stock all carefully checked, cleaned and ready for dispatch NZ wide and Globally.

Taits Rural has now grown into a nationally known name amongst farmers ,dealers, rural service mechanics & contractors all over the country

We specialise in used Hay Mowers  & Round Balers for parts and sale.

Save us to your bookmarks as you never know when you need that part or used machine and we may be able to save you considerable $$.


We are always looking for new us to cash in that old mower or round baler you parked under the hedge.

Glen Malcolm
- Founder & Managing Director 

Glen Malcom at Taits Rural Ltd

Involved with Machinery since he was a kid. Glen grew up in the Rural Sector.

With his parents being involved with horticulture and livestock farming he had always been around farms, livestock, & the people. His real passion was for machinery and has been actively involved in the Farm Machinery business since 2004. With many years experience with grass gear in NZ & Australia .

Supplying used Haymower & Baler parts to Farmers, dealers and contractors had been a dream of his for many years. In 2018 this dream became a reality with Taits Rural being born. One of Glen's great passions of the industry is the people.      "This industry is full of great people , which really is the essence of what makes us tick". 

Ryan Stewart
Parts Manager & 2 IC 

Taits Rural Ltd

 Ryan .....really the brains behind the business.

Ryan is the Parts Manager, runs the workshop and also oversees & manages this website. Ryan has lived and breathed forage machinery parts for more than 10 years and brings a wealth of knowledge to the business.

He is your first port of call when you call us about that part that you need.

Bart Rooijackers
Engineer & Mechanic


 Bart.....self employed Engineer who we believe has missed his calling!

Bart's skills are essential part of the Taits Rural mix. When it comes to rebuilding of mowers, cutterbars and any difficult dismantle jobs that no one else seems to be able to do Bart comes into his own!

Bart has a truck which seems to hold nearly every tool & gadget in the book to allow the jo to get completed quickly and easily. 

When not at work you will find him........actually, you will probably find him at work!.... or at least buried in the heart of his own workshop ....building the next great thing! 

Bruno Malcolm
Sales & Freight Logistics


Bruno re- joined the team late 2022,  Bruno looks after Machine Sales and takes care of the freight logistics due to the never ending demand of machinery coming and going from our yard.

Bruno has spent the last 6 years years on farms and has had extensive experience with both Machinery & Livestock.

Jorja Malcolm
Admin & Parts Dispatch

20231006_122943 (1).jpg

Jorja is our latest team member to join. Jorja looks after all the accounts and oversees the daily dispatch our all our courier and small freight orders. 

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